Steelies for FJ40 series

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Sep 7, 2004
Anyone ever tried or know much about these wheels for a FJ40 series as an alternate wheel. I not sure about the aspect of them being a trailer wheels. We are looking for as set with the cooling vent slots (old school look) as seen for some tall skinny's.
Know about the Summits wheels but they are all smoothies.
Hi all,

IIRC, you can still get NOS Land Cruiser wheels from MUD Toyota venders.


16 x 6 with a 6 bolt on a 5.5 inch spacing does make these wheels very interesting. Is the back spacing on trailer wheels standard because it is not listed? 16 inch diameter would open up a lot of tall skinny tires options that are not supported with 15 inch tires any more.
I am not interested in the stock 15" wheels. We are looking at a second tire set but in the 16" x 5.5' tall skinny set up.
If I am correct the BS on these rims are just under 4" that can be use for disc brakes. Stock is 3.5" on the BS. I have 4" BS wheels now that fit fine with disc. I just am wondering as they are listed a TRAILER wheels if that puts them in a different category with DOT, maybe not to be used as motor vehicle wheels? Probably okay just not sure. They look sturdy enough.
I sent a email to them asking what the BS is. Would be the wheel for tall skinny's.

Bolt Pattern: 6 x 5.5"
Rim Capacity: 3,050lbs
Offset: 0
Pilot Diameter: 3.65

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Interested to see where this goes. They are intriguing at that pice.
Yeah we have been toying with the idea of stock split rims that are 16x5.5 and these are so darn close. Most all splits are with some rust.
I am sure they will contact me tomorrow with the BS #. Still need to know the street use on a 2500 lb. - 3000 lb. truck.
Also if they will clear disc brakes. Like to see the inside back area.

Found this on the internet with what looks to be the same rim but in black
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Well I just realized that I for whatever reason I was thinking that the center on this wheel would fit the FJ40 hub but realized the FJ40 hub is a little over 4 1/8" and this wheel center is only 3.65" (3 5/8"). All else is just about right for a aftermarket fill-in wheel. Just what would it take to open the center hole up??? Dang it
Have someone stick it on a lathe and open to 4.18". You will loose the inner lip. I have some pictures of my vintiques to post soon.
We already have a set of Vintiques (love them) on the rig just looking for a set of rims that are not smoothies but with a bit more of a old Chevy type look with the vents as seen above. I gong to be buying some tall skinny's soon and want to find a different type wheel. Like those tires you have.
Yeah did the center cut on some old rims years ago and work out pretty good but was all done by hand and took forever.


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