Spring Meeting May 21/22nd

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Feb 3, 2008
South Shore, MA
Hard to believe but it's finally that time of the year again! In a few weeks we'll be rushing around trying to finish up the last minute upgrades, trying to figure out where we last packed the camping gear and trying to pack everything up quickly before hitting the road!

If you didn't know, this year we worked with North East Toyota Crawlers(NETC) to be able to share Gretchen's in Hancock,NH.
We will be sharing the Campground and the trails with them this year. It's important to note that since they invited us I thought it only to be fair to let them have the pick of where they wanted to camp.

At this point upon entry to the field they will be taking all of the camping to the right of the entrance and bath house.
We will take the camping behind the bath house spreading out to the left. If any of our members absolutely need an electric hook up NETC will accommodate.

Spring Meeting will be held at 9am. If your participating in the weekend/trail ride we are asking that you take part in the meeting as well. We will go over the general business of the club and make a few small announcements. We will try to streamline this and keep it short and sweet because I know you want more wheeling and less blah,blah,blah.

NETC has invited us to their BBQ after wheeling Sat. evening. This BBQ is put on by the members/BOD of NETC. It's supposed to be pretty good.
Ribs, Wings, Burgers, Dogs and salads are a few things on the menu.
They have asked us to come up with some rough numbers so they can budget/plan on the amount of food they have to buy/prepare.
If there is a large number of people interested they may ask us to add a small cost to the weekend to cover the costs of food.

During/after the BBQ there will be a small raffle run by Yankee Toys with some pretty useful stuff.
Jerry Cans, Kinetic Tow rope from South East Overland and even a large recovery bag from camel 4x4 are a few of the items.
The raffle is a joint effort between Yankee Toys and North East Toyota Crawlers.

A special thanks to the following Sponsors for their outstanding service and product-




Camping Costs-

Camping Friday wheeling Saturday and camping Saturday night would be $45 per site -(singles/couples/families)
Wheeling Saturday and camping Saturday night would be $35 (" ")
If your only wheeling Saturday $15
Wheeling Sunday is a required $10 donation to the landowner.

The bath house may not be open, NEA site says it's open from Memorial day to Columbus day. I am currently looking into this.
**Bath house is open**

This event is for Yankee Toys Members-
If your not a member and your interested in attending please visit Join « Yankee Toys or contact me.
Also no alcoholic beverages on any of our trail rides.
Dogs are allowed at campground, please have your dog on a leash and under control at all times.

We are looking for members interested in leading trail runs-
Scott - stock run.

The quicker you can let us know if your coming would be helpful on figuring out the logistics of the weekend....Thanks!
So far-

7)der kampfer
9)Aim (Sun)
10)4lowandgo wheeling Sat.
11)" "
12)" "
13)" "
14)" "
15)" "
16)" "
17)" "
18)" "
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I will be there Fri-Sun.
I plan on attending Saturdays BBQ
Sounds Good Bob!
I'll lead a stock run on Saturday and please count me in on the BBQ.
I'm in for camping friday and saturday.
I just realized I have to miss this as I'll be on a plane to Florida that day.

We're losing him! First he steps down, now he's sneaking of to Florida!

(I'll be on vacation in NC) : (
I'll be there for Sat meeting, wheeling, BBQ and Sun. Maybe go over Friday, too. I'll try to remember to bring something for the raffle.
Anyone else? Need to figure out some numbers.
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I will be there friday and saturday nite, one for the BBQ
wheelin sunday?

I'll be around Sunday but would like to ride shotgun at Gretchens. As I've never been out on those trails.
I will be there friday and saturday nite, one for the BBQ
wheelin sunday?

People can set up wheeling on Sun. if they would like. I think theres a donation required though.

that's my 28th wedding anniversary, I'm negotiating as hard as I can.

Good luck Rick!

I will def be there for sat/sunday. As Kina said. can we wheel Sun?

will there be wheeling allowed on friday like fall gathering?


I think with the trails still being in sort of rough condition we should limit the wheeling to Sat. and Sun. Though I think we'll have a better grasp on the trail's conditions after the trail maint. next weekend.

Can't commit to this yet. Power plant still not on the grid.

Hope your back online soon.

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