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Apr 11, 2010
So I have taken apart my cluster and cleaned it tested it with a tool and everything worked great. Installed it in my 71 fj40 with a new cable from SOR . It worked great for a week when it started fluctuating and then finally stopped but the odometer kept working.

So I researched and mud members were recommending in other posts to check the plastic or nylon gear in the transfer-case. I did and it did not seem shredded or sheared. 6x18.
I did not take pictures.

Also when I take off the cable at the transfer case and hook up a drill motor to it , it works fine. So my question is, is it possible for the cable to be to short even though the connections are able to reach are tight? Is it also possible that the cable is not in far enough ( story of my life) or does not engage in the cluster?
Thank you for any recommendations as I keep chasing my tail on this .



John McVicker

Jul 11, 2005
Big Pine, CA
The speedo cable has nothing to do with the odometer...only the speedo part.

The cable is not likely too short...but they sure don’t give you any xtra length. What I have done is undo the t case end, attach your drill and see that it is working...AND THEN...be double sure you don’t pull it out when you attach it to the t case. There is a small slot in the t case end that the cable itself slips in to. If it was working before, you should be able to get it right again.

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