speedometer issues

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Jul 27, 2008
Dublin GA
ok guys, help me out here. i tried searching but could only find a thread or two on this and with no real answer.

i picked up a new to me 93 and the speedometer doesnt work but the trip and odometer DOES work. ideas? bad board or motor on the speedometer? how hard is it to swap out my odometer with one from another truck and correct my mileage if that is the issue?
finally worded a search to a way that got me some answers. seems i am not the first to have this issue. here is a picture of the back of my speedo. guess it is time to make some jumper wires.
not sure but i only found 1 thread from 2013 with this issue and a few said the same thing happened. i have no idea what went wrong. here is a link to my serch-fu results.

'94 Speedometer Stopped Working

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