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Sep 22, 2020
Southern California
'88 FJ62 parts. (edit:not parting out the entire 62, accidently posted in wrong forum? Messaged admin for assistance. thanks!) Will include pictures if interest is shown, have them tucked away in the garage. Good condition for someone looking for original restoration. Original front and rear leaf spring packs. Still were great leaf packs, but lifted it 2.5 inches and no longer need them. Asking 250 and throwing in all the U-bolts/shackles I have. Also, original chrome front bumper, very good condition, has the black end caps. Asking 250. OBO, of course. (<--- edit: willing to trade all for complete roof rack)

On a side note, parting out a base model 2000 Subaru outback. Have paint codes. Rebuilding my other Sube, but I need only its front end and rims. Sorry, new here. Hope I didn't say or do anything wrong. Thank you for your time.
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Do you have a front Axle (hub to hub)? Fj62
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Sorry folks, spent an involuntary vacation in a hospital. Hoping for a local buyer, considering the prices and weights. A visit to UPS isn't really feasible; due to physical/medical limitations & disabilities, location, and current public settings/restrictions. I appreciate your patience and interest. I know I'm new, sorry 'bout that. Thanks again.
'88 FJ62 Original Front Bumper & Original Leaf Spring packs (front/rear). --Still were great leaf packs, but decided to lift a few inches. Asking 250/OBO (definitely negotiable), with all the U-bolts/shackles I have (kept a couple for lift installation). --The all original chrome front bumper, is superb condition at 33 years old, has the original black end caps still attached. Asking 350/OBO. Freshly washed and wet in the new photos, but better shows condition.

On a side note, parting out a base model 2000 Subaru outback. Have paint codes. Thank you for your time.View attachment 2443596View attachment 2443597View attachment 2443598View attachment 2443599View attachment 2443600




Would love that bumper if you decide that you can ship it. Mine is bent pretty bad. Hope you recover well. Keep cruising.
Thank you. Sorry to hear your bumper is bent up. That's quite a distance you have there on a shipment. I hope you can find one closer, for your sake. Im guessing shipment would be $100 or more. I'm a bit more old fashioned with money, and not comfortable with paypal, etc. All the best.
For anyone that would need a shipment, I can now accept payments through Zelle. I don't have a paypal or accounts like that, but Zelle I can do. I would just need the zipcode for the estimated cost.

I've plenty of packing material already, so should be able to cradle it like a baby.
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