Snap On Bikini Top

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Feb 15, 2007
Morrison, CO
Last summer I took the top off like every sane man in the world and had to carry my rain coat in the glove box. We didn't get a bikini top because of the straps that would run right in front of the rear passengars faces and soft tops are to expensive. I don't want to add more to my roll bar to get a family bikini. Any body ever done a snap on bikini top? I like the idea of no straps.

Any other ideas that make the original jump seats usable are more than welcome.

This works great for me. Attach straps back to windshield frame.

Good luck,
tubing 8-29-05 031.jpg
I had one made as you describe that goes from my A loop to the B loop of the pics. that way I can fold down the windshield and still be out of the sun. I made a template and had a local auto vinyl top place make it on the side. I drilled the rollbar for the male part of the snap. It works well, no straps, no slap. I have had the generic bikini tops on revious Cruisers and hated how they were so one-size-fits-all.

JBB in post 2 has got a great idea. I guess one would need to mount two footman loops on the windshield frame for tie points of the straps.
I wouldn't have any other kind of bikini top. With snaps you can get it tight enough that it does not flap at highway speeds. Here is mine:
The next project on my 40 is to skin the roll cage with 18GA sheet metal. The material will cost less than $40 (compared to $60 for a bikini top) and I will never have to woryy about ripping it or listen to fabric flapping again. It will also give me a nice ground plane for my HAM radio antenna.

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