Since we can't do wrench days too much... Little progress report

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I break things.
Aug 14, 2006
Oceanside, CA
So... Since we moved three weeks ago, I needed to get the 44 running again. Nothing like moving to motivate you to complete some projects!

So I get the tranny installed again!
2020-08-02 13.37.08.jpg

And then I get her driving again!
2020-08-08 11.02.34.jpg

And then i move her to her new Garage and take off the top!
2020-08-24 16.24.44.jpg
2020-08-24 16.17.57.jpg

Top came off easier than I thought and was glad to have @Surfoverland 's help to lift the big stuff out of the way.

Now to start working on the rusted top and getting that steel sealed up and solid for later. FST is in the works for the meantime...

Thanks for looking!

I had a tranny jack you could have used
I have one... and then I also needed this...
2020-08-26 18.54.34.jpg

The jack for the transfer case and the crane/hoist for the really small hole in the 79 and later floor... I am getting really good at stabbing these things now though if anyone needs help! I may need to do it again soon to upgrade the clutch when I tune the fuel pump for the turbo correctly.
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