Seiken brake booster?

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Dec 3, 2012
Does this look like the correct BB for my 91 LC?

It was sold as:

"Toyota Land Cruiser 1991-92 FJ80 Seiken Power Brake Booster 65071054 44610-60620"

But I am not seeing the "44610-60620" on the box or part....hmmm

The part itself is stamped "Bendix License Master Vac JKC" and has pictured sticker...







holding it next to the installed one, I'd say it is. I was just making sure it was not something for another cruiser due to the odd number on the box.

Thank you
yea, I'm hoping its a good one and lasts a good long while, not many options out there on these
I just installed one of these today.

My booster had been intermittent over the Winter when it was cold until the truck warmed up. Then, a few weeks ago, it just quit working and you could hear the leak inside. Put a Cardone in and while the brakes worked great, there was no pedal feel. Like it was overboosted or something, so I had to modulate my pressure with zero pedal feel. In researching, there is a part called a reaction dics in the booster that provides pedal feel. I'm thinking this one didn't have one.

Anyhow, I could have gone the Cardone route again, but I was over it. Bought the Seiken from CruiserYard online Sunday, it arrived yesterday, put it in today. Works perfectly.

But once, cry once.
Just to clarify: My Cruiser is a '93 FZJ and uses a different part number than the OP is using on his FJ80. I'm not sure if Cruiseryard stocks or can get the FJ80 Booster. I just noticed the difference after I posted and wanted to avoid confusion.

This is what I used.

80 Series, NEW OEM Seiken Brake Booster, Free Shipping

I just ordered this booster from Cruiser Yard. 5 minutes later I received a call from @arcteryx thanking me for the order. I had a nice chat with Jason and was quite impressed with his customer service. I am grateful for people like him who are supporting our cruiser community and sourcing oe parts like this. I highly recommend him!
Does the booster from cruiser yard come with the gasket?

I just ordered one and I didn't think to check.

Hmm, I had not thought of this, but you could reuse yours if it is in good shape, ie not covered in brake fluid. The gaskets are cheap, about a $1, or you can make your own with some thick paper.

I know this won't help you but I will start adding the gasket to orders when they come in so it is a kit. I appreciate the feedback.
I believe the gasket between the master and booster is notated with a black diamond in the fsm so Mr T wants it to be replaced.
Just a heads up, OEM gaskets are now in stock and will be included on all future orders with no change in price. If any customers have ordered one and still need one, I will send you one to you if you let me know your order #.
Seiken's are OEM I believe? Correct me if that's not right. Can't find any to suit my RHD 80 anymore.
FYI, these are now back in stock and I am taking orders for them again, I have plenty of them!

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