SOLD Seattle WA / Bend OR, 1984 Toyota FJ60

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
It pains me to do this but recent changes in my career will require me to sell what I built as a semi-restored daily driver. $42k

Clean title in hand

So much can be found here.... Builds - "Falcor" the 1984 FJ60 - It might be a long read but if you're serious, I think you'll enjoy it.

This vehicle currently sits at 135,422 miles. It starts and runs perfectly. The items that don't work are as follows.... Rear washer squirter, Rear defrost. The A/C needs to be charged after my body off resto but works. Everything else works great. I'll post more pictures and add to this thread shortly but I wanted to get it posted in the event someone is looking now.

Feel free to call me and I'll share everything I know about this awesome rig. 206-817-6788 Adam

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I'll share some info that I find compelling about this rig. Some of it is information that I was given when I purchased it and what caused me to buy it. The rest is just random thoughts and musings I think could be helpful for you to know.

This is a 3 owner vehicle with very low mileage originally purchased new by a rancher on Whidbey Island along with at least 2 other FJ60's. This one sat in the back of his barn for years... not quite a barn find but damn near. The 2nd owner Joel drove it for many years. He was a photographer and used it to get to remote locations. Once his son Daniel became old enough to drive it became his vehicle. Daniel drove it for a number of years until he made the decision to join the fire department. This is where I came in.

I looked on and off for about 5 years for an FJ60. Everything I found was over priced and rusted out. This one was beautiful and 100% complete with the exception being the two center caps for the front wheels were missing... and still are. It wasn't perfect when I picked it up, but it wasn't bad either. The suspension was rock hard, the carb was not original and it needed some TLC both cosmetic and mechanical. I remedied those issues and as these things go, it spiraled way the hell out of control until one day I looked up and the body was on one side of the garage, the frame was in Monroe WA getting media blasted and powder coated and I was dipping bolts in acid and electroplating them.

Maybe I should find a Land Cruisers Anonymous group to be part of. I don't know, but I do know that I built this thing to be comfortable, reliable and go just about anywhere. I leaned in the direction of both OEM as much as possible and inclimate weather capable.... think snow, fog, ice, rain and dark... welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

It's solid as hell and I'd drive it anywhere. In fact, I'm about to hop in it and drive it from my home in the Seattle area to Bend Oregon then Bozeman Montana and back to Seattle. Should be about 1800 miles.

I've put a rediculous amount of time and energy in to this vehicle. I have receipts for all of the work I've done and I'm happy to continue to be part of Falcor's journey should something come up and the next owner needs some help.

If you know someone who is looking for a high quality, partially restored 60, you can confidently point them to Falcor knowing they won't be dissapointed.

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Such a damn NICE rig! If I didn't already have mine I would be seriously looking at buying yours! Great build thread and job.
Beautiful 60 !!! That said, at your asking price point you can fix the driver seat bottom upholstery, left cargo interior panel, and any dings/imperfections. Good luck with your sale!! That is one damn immaculate truck.
For sure, I am in the process of rebuilding the rear cargo panel and touching up any dings. :) I doubt I'll fix the seat as the tear is tiny but I put a huge patch on to give it the most support. I think the new base cushions I put in will also prevent it from getting larger. Dang those seats are comfortable!!
Well, Falcor will be enjoying some sunshine in Florida here pretty soon. His new owner is awesome and will be taking Falcor on some wonderful East Coast adventures.

Very conflicted/sad to let it go but for every door that closes, more open down the road.

So long friend. You’ve been a hell of a fun, loyal and dependable adventure buddy.


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