For Sale San Diego CA: 2003 Land Cruiser Built Locked Geared 140k White/Gray Clean Turnkey

Oct 28, 2007
San Diego
2003 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale
Currently has ~140k miles
Southern California truck all its life
White exterior / Gray interior
Rear Toyota elocker
4.3 axle gear ratio

VIN: JTEHT05J832036602

Slee SOF2RH rear springs installed / cranked front TB (2.5" lift)
OME 865 rear springs also included but not installed
TJM XGS gold shocks
Diff Drop
Toyo AT2 tires 285/75R16
Metaltech sliders (real Metaltech not OPOR)
Front Runner roof rack
Gobi ladder
ARB 2500 awning
ARB drawers
Wet Okole seat covers (first and second rows)
RAM telepole mount for iPad / GPS / Radio
Blue Sea USB chargers on the front center console and rear cargo area
Cargo area LED lighting
Aux power distribution to center console and cargo area

Maintenance history:

5/2014, 114272 miles:
Change spark plugs - Denso Iridium SK20R11, Toyota PN 90080-91180

8/2014, 116017 miles:
Replace front rotors and pads - Toyota PN 43512-60171, 04465-60230
Replace engine air filter - Toyota PN 17801-07010
Retrofit cabin air filter door and replace filter - Toyota PN 88891-60040, 88891-60060, 88568-60010 (2)

9/2014, 116640 miles:
Flush cooling system, replace with Toyota long life coolant
Thermostat 90916-03100
Tees 87248-60460 (2)
Hoses 87345-6A190, 87345-6A220, 87345-6A201, 87345-6A180, 99556-20200, 16572-50150

9/2014, 116880 miles:
Install 16" LC factory wheels
Install Toyo AT2 tires, 285/75R16

10/2014, 116972 miles:
Install Slee SOF2RH rear springs
Adjust factory torsion bars
Install TJM Gold shocks 650GE181Z, 650GE281Z

12/2014, 117646 miles:
Replace rear rotors and pads - Toyota PN 42431-60281, 04466-60070

12/2014, 124700 miles:
Replace front windshield and trim
FYG Windshield
Trim 75543-60020 (2), 75531-60030, 75534-60050, 75533-60060, 90269-04053 (8)

9/2016, 127080 miles:
Reboot PS CV axle 04427-60120
Replace PS lower ball joint Altrom ATM SB3812 (Three-5)

8/2017, 131425 miles:
Replace steering rack bushings Whiteline W13208
Replace oil filter cooler o-ring 15692-50020

8/2017, 131425 miles:
Replace vacuum hoses, air box 17345-50080

9/2017, 131585 miles:
Replace vacuum hoses 12262-50080, 12261-50050, 17030-50070
Replace PCV valve 12204-50030

9/2017, 131628 miles:
Flush cooling system, replace with Toyota long life coolant
Thermostat 90916-03100
Replace fan clutch AISIN FCT-021

10/2017, 131656 miles:
Replace vacuum hoses 23829-50070, 17341-50170
Replace engine air filter 17801-07010

2/2018, 134500 miles:
Retrofit rear locked axle from 1999 Land Cruiser
New diff gasket, diff studs, axle seals

5/2018, 134500 miles:
Regear front differential (work done by Zuk)
4.30 Nitro gears
Master install kit
Solid spacer
Replace diff bushings 41653-60010, 41653-60020, 41651-60010, SuperPro SPF3575K

Reboot DS CV axle 04427-60120
Replace DS lower ball joint Altrom ATM SB3812 (Three-5)
Reboot DS and PS upper ball joint 43324-69085

7/2018, 134800 miles:
Replace all sway bar bushings 90948-01003 (4), 48849-60010 (2), 48815-60111 (2), 48817-30010 (4), 90385-11021 (2), 48815-60140 (2)

7/2018, 134900 miles:
Replace hood struts Strong Arm 4361

The above maintenance does not include regular fluid changes, tire rotation, balance, alignments, wash/wax, etc.

Mobil 1 5W-30 has been used since I have owned the truck.

Almost always garaged.

Original third row seats, running boards and roof rack are included. Engine cover included.

The truck has been used for its intended purpose of taking the family to remote areas safely and back again. As such it has scuffs and scratches on the bumpers covers, sliders, tow hitch, and skid plates. It has no sheet metal damage other than a few chips and scratches.

The truck has been well taken care of and I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere.

I have an undamaged front bumper cover as well as engine and transmission skid plates. These are included.

New lower MUD price:
$18500 or $17500 without drawer system

Fridge, pelican case, iPad, GPS and ham radios shown in pictures are available, but not included at asking price.





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Oct 28, 2007
San Diego
The discoloration on the underside is from Utah mud. There is no rust to speak of. I'll try to get some better pictures.
Oct 28, 2007
San Diego
I can use the drawers in my other truck. I can take $1000 off the price without the drawers if you don't need them...


Mar 10, 2016
Curious about why the regear? What did you need 4.3 for that 4.1 wouldn't do?
Oct 28, 2007
San Diego
The locked axle from the 99 donor was already 4.3 so only needed to regear the front. I ended up breaking the front ring gear so the decision was easy. The 4.3 is a very good match to the 33" tires.
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