For Sale San Diego, CA 1992 FJ80 75k $4,500 OBO

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SOLD! San Diego, CA 1992 FJ80 75k $4,500 OBO SOLD!


I'm selling my '92 FJ80. I am located in San Diego, CA.

I'm asking 4,500 OBO. 75k miles, OME lift, ARB/Kaymar bumpers

I've just posted it on CL here: 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 LandCruiser

The LC served me well. I bought it back in 2007 for a surf trip down Baja. We made it to Scorpion Bay and all the way to Cabo. It was a blast and got me hooked on wheeling/camping trips. I've taken it all through the local deserts. Its always been a second vehicle for me and I rarely drove it. In the last few years I've gotten into dirt bikes and dual sports so all my focus went there. The LC has sat out in the sun by itself for a while and its paint is faded, front leather seats are cracked etc. The truck was brought over to CA from NY by the previous owner, it has a clean CA title. The buckles in the 2nd and 3rd row seats don't match the belts, the stereo got stolen when the truck was parked outside a shop and the driver's side power window is a bit loose so I have the panel taken off the truck currently. It will need some minor cosmetic work. The truck passed smog with old Arco gas in it no problem! I just changed the oil and drove it on a 350 mile road trip a two weeks ago and it ran great. It had the 75k service done back in 2007. It will need new front brakes soon.

The lift and bumpers have 40k on them. The suspension is superb in my opinion (I wish my Taco drove like the LC). You guys know what this truck is about. I'm selling the LC to fund the build of my Tacoma.

If you're interested feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!
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Good deal. Bump for ya.
GREAT DEAL !!! 75 K seriously?

Where were u 9 months ago?
I know Cabo...\
Nice rig!
Cruisercouple in Vista may like...

Best Regards,
Thank you guys for the bumps and positive comments. I've owned the truck for 5 years and saw a carfax when I first bought the LC, indicating that yes, this is the original motor and those 75k are original. I'm selling it to put the money into my Tacoma. The truck was kept for a number of years in a garage at a vacation home. Hence the low miles.

I've had some real yahoos come and look at the LC and its been a big waste of time. I'm reasonable on price for any Mud members who are respectful/informed purchasers. I'm trying my best to reply to all emails, selling is a job in itself. Thanks again for looking and happy wheeling.


More info on the truck:

The roof and hood should be repainted for a perfect looking LC. The sides are all fine though. The body is straight. There is some occasional light surface rust on the undercarriage (its 20 years old).

The front leather seats are quite cracked (I drove with big seat covers on them and never noticed/cared). I think the interior may have been swapped at some point because the 2nd and 3rd row buckles do not match the belts. The carpet is in great shape. No stereo. The driver's side window glass moves in the slide slightly, may need to be re-sicliconed.
SOLD to a good home and a Mud lurker.
Congrats TG. I can't believe you didn't ask more for it!
damn i just got the money together and was gonna try and get a hold of you lat night oh well my loss:mad:

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