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Jan 15, 2021
Laguna Beach

I have minor rust on the floor panels under the rubber mats on my 76 FJ40. It just rained and I noticed the water pooling under the mat on both driver and passenger sides. (I need to find the source of the water, but that is for another thread). I also have minimal rust on the floor panel in the rear under the rubber mat.

I was considering applying fluid film on the inside floorboards until I read a thread about how it smells 2 years later. Does anyone have a suggestion for rust prevention for the floorboards that are being covered by rubber mats? T9? Krown? It seems like there are lots of products. I just want something that does not smell terrible, and can go under the mat.

Thanks in advance!


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Dec 3, 2012
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In this situation the best rust prevention is to take out the mats after it rained and dry the floorboards and rear floor immediately after it got wet by rain or driving throug water, until you have found and resolved the leaking,

Also only put the mats back when the areas are completely dry by the touch.

If you leave the water daily under the rubber mats you might just have enough time to order new floorboards already.
Jan 17, 2005
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Any grease-based product is going to leave a sticky, sandy mess on your floor, under your rubber mat. You could spray WD-40 on the rusty spots for very weak/temporary rust protection, but it will evaporate.

FJ40345's suggestion above is the best one - dry it all, and find the leak. I realize you're in Calif. (?) and have a lot more water issues than most. FJ40s are not very water tight - after I wash mine, I check for pooled water under all the rubber mats - it's just the nature of a primitive, removable-top vehicle.
Jun 10, 2017
The tops are weather tight, not water tight. Don’t kill yourself looking for minor leaks....its part of the Land Cruiser experience. After my restoration and repaint, I use a cheap past Turtle....and after a rain storm or car wash, beads up and just wipe it dry.

Prior to the restoration, I’d get in there with a wire brush on a drill, clean it out and repaint with red Rustolium.....annually....and inside the tool box under the seat. Plus we would regularly lift the mats and clean it out. That was the 90s....

Who’d a thought I still have the rig....just keep em clean...they’ll last forever.

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