RIP Miklos Mickey Rubicon

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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
This happened about two weeks back but I only just found out.

He was one of the first mud members i actually met way back in 06.
Mos Def had his issues but was a fun loving caring guy at the core.

I had recently reconnected with him on Facebook and we talked for a bit about things.

RIP Miklos Kovacs


This is what his ex wrote on facebook

Hello everyone who knew Miklos, It is with a heavy heart that I post that Miklos passed away suddenly on Tuesday 8/18/2020. Miklos had been suffering from chronic illnesses since last year. Things steadily declined and he was hospitalized several times this and last year. His last stroke rendered him in a wheelchair with limited abilities. If you knew Miklos, you knew how independent and adventurous he was. He loved his 4 wheel and off roading. He loved Tamarack Lake and the Rubicon! And don’t forget Oceano Dunes and Pismo! Miklos had tons of friends. But in the long run, the good ones stood by him till the very end! Our Marriage may have ended in 2012, but my love for him as family and (the difficult brother I never had), never ended. We kept in touch and sometimes drifted apart and blocked each other on FB. But in the end, God put him in my life for a reason. I am grateful to God that Mik taught me lessons on how to be strong and resilient (and how to air my tired up/down). We were only child(s), so we always came back to each other cause we were all we had, and we understood that. Miklos’s surviving family includes his biological mother Klari (who lives In Hungary), his step father Gabor, his American Mom Cherry, his Ameri-sister Haven, his Ameri-Bro Court, and his American Father Bob. God bless Cherry for bringing him to the USA and keeping him. Miklos was lucky enough to experience what most immigrants only dream of, a great opportunity and good education. Said education from UC Berkeley that brought him far in life and his career. Preparations for a remembrance have been postponed due to Covid. But in the meantime, we would love it if anyone who knew Miklos could email Haven - let her know how you met or knew Miklos, any fun or memorable events you shared, and any photos you wish to share. You can email them to We will be gathering these memories to make memorial books for his Mothers. We would like to make sure that both Mums know how many people loved our Miklos and how he impacted our lives. Miklos has left our Earthly planet and is adjusting to a new chapter of “Life” (a bit puzzled), and all he knows is this new energy and empowering awesomeness! So when I think of Miklos leaving here and feel sad, I think of his new adventures and know I will see him one day. Until then, he is celebrating with his buddy Kevin (aka Dad N Son), and building his relationship with his biological father that he never knew (his father died when he was a baby). May we all be so blessed that we knew Miklos and he was in the world. ❤️ RIP Miklos 1973-2020
I'll post what I said in the other thread in this thread:

Gold Lake with Mickey was definitely memorable. If Mickey had a bottle of alcohol, so did you. Super genuine guy who loved to entertain.

I won't forget the 2-3 trips to Gold Lake that he made it up. The conversations around the campfire were full of guttural laughing, full whiskey glasses and s*** eatin' grins.

For memorable purposes, here's a few photos I have of Mickey from the latest Gold Country Cruisers Gold Lake trip:




Rest in Paradise.
Damn. Lots of memories of Mickey here on Mud, and at Surf N' Turf in the mid/late-2000s. Crazy.

RIP Miklos. I didn't know him, but sure did have similar upbringings.

Sounds like an amazing guy and I'm sure all that knew him, knew the smiles and love for life that he happily shared, including the alcohol. :cool:

Been a tough year in so many ways!!!!
We ran into Mickey on a Memorial Day run at place we call pebble beach near signal peak about two years ago. We chatted about 80s a little bit. Very nice guy. RIP.

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