rim verse tire width

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Jan 19, 2007
is there a chart for this somewhere. the tire guy told me that i need a 10 inch wide rim to put 33x10.5 swamper radials on. i havent picked the rims up yet from another shop, but i was going to get 8 inch wide. i see folks putting huge tires on small rims, but whats really recommended
what they recomend and what you do are 2 different things i have always run 10.50 tires on 8" rims .makes em a little narrower and a tad taller but it works for me . my tire guys is still a small local place has electric spin and all but he doesnt care what people do customer is always right. i would wait for more opinions good luck
For any given tire size, there is a recommended rim size. If you go to places like summitracing.com, they will give you the recommended rim size when you click on the tire you want. For example, they give the recommended rim width for a 33x12.50x15 Swamper 8.5" - 10". There are guys that put 10.50 tires on 5.5" stock steelies as well.

Good luck! :cheers:
thanks, thats the chart i needed. seems that an 8 inch rim would be better than the 10 he was telling me i needed.
does he sell rims too the new line at tire places here is i cant sell 1or 2 have to sell 4 good luck
I was waiting in line @ discount Tire last week. Sales drone was trying to sell a poor lady 4 new wheels for her 150K mile chrysler minivan, and 2 new tires. :mad:

I would suggest putting 2 new tires on the straightest wheels on the front. Put junk on the back.

But he wanted to make his spiff, so she needed a set of new wheels (total was ~600USD) for her $800 car. :rolleyes:
he is looking for the right rims with the proper backspace, i found some at another location that doesnt sell tires. hoping for a package deal, but i dont think he will find the right ones. my truck sat in the mud since 95, the rims on it are junk and i wouldnt trust them. its going to be nice to get it rolling
sounds like your doing it right research and taking you time good luck
Hi All:

For a 10.5 inch wide tire used aired-down off-road I would recommend no wider than a 7 inch rim. Wider wheels with this width tire will allow crap to get between the rim and the tire bead when aired-down.

Try to find 3.5 or 3.75 inch backspacing on the new wheels. 4 inch will likely rub on the inner wheelwell during suspension compression.

Good luck!

I agree with Alan, I run a 12.50 on an 8" rim, 7" should work great for you. Alex

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