Replacing Rear Speakers

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Jan 29, 2007
S. Jersey - New Germany
I've done some searching for any info replacing the rear door and cargo speakers and came up pretty dry.

I just want to replace the stock speakers not do a Bone Jarring Audio Mod (Not that there's anything wrong with that).

Has anyone replaced these speakers and what did you use?
I just installed the rear passenger door speakers last weekend. I used the Eclipse SE8245 4" speakers. Crutchfield has them for about $100 and I found them on ebay for $50 (including shipping).

Skillet's write up is what I followed and it worked great.

Did you have to do any modifications to get them in?
Yes, look through the link I posted and you'll see his pictures for the rear-door speakers. Starts on post #22. You have to cut out the backing of the brackets and then bend the outer frame of the speaker around it to screw it to the bracket. Skillet's directions are good and it's not too tough to get done.

I haven't noticed a huge difference with the rear speakers, but from what I've read, the stock head unit doesn't send a lot of juice to them. I plan to upgrade the head unit at some point and hope for a more noticeable improvement from that.

Either way, it's worth the time/effort to do the upgrade.
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Old thread but thought I would post what I did in the mean time as I build my read drawer system. In the bolt holes that held the third row seats I bolted two brackets and screwed in 6x9 jbl speakers. I re routed the speaker wire that was over head to come out the bottom of the plastic panels. Sounds amazing compared to the 23 year old 3” speakers. Also put in a 10” sub.



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