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Apr 18, 2007
I'm in the process of a rebuild to be used as a driver with some light trail action and I need a 3/4 tub (ideally galvanized steel) I know that this topic has been discussed on the forum previously and I've followed debates on the merits on the Agualu V. Fiberglass, etc.. I'm hoping that the folks on here can help me with the following:

-Any real time experience with Agualu tubs, how do the tubs handle the mating with the steel cowl, etc. is there any rot over time?

-Any insight on where to purchase a galvanized steel tub (outside of ccot, I'm not going down that road), or worse case just a steel tub that I can get dipped.

-Does Poor Wally still build tubs? I've heard nothing but great things about him in the past, wondering if anyone can comment on the tub after they've had it for a while (John in Albany do you have one of Wally's tubs?)

-Anyone with experience with Iron Pig Off Road?

Thanks in advance for the opinions/guidance.
yes I have wally's tub...were are you located??? will need to bring your truck to him.

I have about 100,000 miles on my wally tub...i guess you can say its generation the 3rd or 4th one he ever is rock solid...i've bashed many a rock without a dent :)

when i did the tub i also put on new front fenders...they are swiss cheese at this point...i am in the process of replacing my fenders with fiberglass...I am also going to be replacing the oem drivers floor as it to is swiss.

The Tub is surface rust in a few is just surface...and a bit my fault...i never wax it much...only like 2-3 times in over 10 years. and I wash it with soft scrub :eek:...white gets dirty ;) It is my DD and it drives in alot of salt all the time...I would highly recomend his tubs and get fiberglass'll be good to go.

IMO alum is very nice...and I have heard alot of good things about them...but...very expensive...and you'll need to get somebody to install it or you'll have to do it.

I'm in western Albany county, in the hilltowns. How long did it take Wally to do your tub? I don't want this sitting any longer and I want to get one of the two I have up and moving and I no longer have the time to try and get it done by my own hand so I've got to reach out to other resources. I'm in the process of a rebuilt on a chevy 305 that came out of one of first '76 and the 2F is out of the other '76 and getting ready for tear down.

I've seen you on route 7 coming down the hill in Troy, it's a great looking rig you've got.
I've seen you on route 7 coming down the hill in Troy, it's a great looking rig you've got.

Probably when I had Jury duty in troy :rolleyes:

We does need it for quite some time...usually he is done in under a month AFAIK...But...thats when he has a rig and paints it too...if you are going to take it back and paint it yourself...I dont know...a week or two...but dont quote me.

Rabid may know the time he usually takes...I'll PM him this post.

what I should have dont in hinesight...was to spray the whole tub with rustbullet...then paint...all i have is 1 coat of primer and 2-3 coats of was a quick and dirty job...i think we did it in a week start to finish....

how are your floors?
My wally tub years ago when pretty.
I'll need him to do the full monty, 3/4 tub from the cowl back. Gas tank cradle is shot to hell and I'd rather get the entire thing done properly versus cob jobbing myself it as stuff falls apart. If I go with him I'll want him to paint as well and your suggestion of rust bullet is a good one.

I'I have his number, I'll just give him a call and sort it out. Neede to get an understanding of his tubs from someone that has some experience with them so I know how they actually perform beyond looking pretty when it's on the concrete floor of some wharehouse. Nevermind the fact that I'd ideally like to give my cash to a local guy.
Thanks for the photos Rabid. I kepp going back to my experience with a '69 40 and a '76 55 about 20 years ago when I ran them in the winter and I'm scared **** to do it again out of fear that the thing will disinegrate under me at some point. What are you doing to prevent that happening? You doing the rust bullet deal, or something else beside giving it a full wash down every evening before putting it up for bed.

If you don't mind me asking what'd your tub cost (ballpark) I know that whatever I do won't cost the same I just want to get a sense of him versus some of the other potential solutions I've looked at.

Thanks for the help guys.
I've got a Gozzard fiberglass tub and this thing is solid. It's my daily driver in the michigan winters so last year I wirebrushed and used eastwoods rust encapsulator and chassis black paint on the frame. I wash my frame a few times in the winter if the weather clears for a few days. I also sprayed bar and chain oil inside the frame rails to try to keep the frame from rusting out on me.
The Gozzard tub is by far the best glass choice out there. I would also not say anything but good things about aqualu. I have seen both of them take real shots on the trail and hold up fine.

I did the wally tub as he cut me a deal on the tub, along with a motor install and a bunch of other stuff at the same time. I could not really say what the tub cost, as there were a lot of other stuff I had him do. I would guess around 3K or so, without paint. You would have to talk to him, however.

I love the tub as my truck is really just a wheeling rig now, and that tub has taken blows that would have wrecked any other tub out there.

Johnny is being a bit quiet about the fact that he rolled his truck on the highway at 55MPH and they were able to reuse the tub on the rebuild.

Johnny, post up some pics so that people do not think I am full of it.

There are quite a few threads on here about his tubs, try a search and you will find tons.

Check out the 45 bed he did for a mud member.
you'll have to excuse the bad pics of pics...when i rolled at 65mph i had the 3/16" sides oem roll bar and bondo/rust infected held up really can see in one pic where the rig slid on the highway for a bit before it rolled over something like 3-4 times...and it stoped upside down about 5 yards from the welcome to mass sign :rolleyes:

we redid the rig strightened it all out and replaced the floors...except the drives and pass floors.

the rig just never felt that solid before the acident...after the is solid as a rock...kinda like all the bumps were knocked out of it :D
No sweat, I know your not looking to hijack.

I've made my choice and talked with Wally last evening, I'm going to get one of the 40's up there in a couple of weeks.

Rabid and John, thanks for the input on Wally's work. I'm happy to keep the money local.
He doesn't spray any longer. Apparently he's heard it's not all that good for your health, so he's looking for a couple of local guys to pick-up that part of it who are properly equipped with booths, etc.

I'm going to do one or the other for sure so I can preserve it for as long as possible. I'll do this one and if I can find the cash and convince my wife maybe I'll do the other one in a year or two.

I'm pretty stoked about getting this started it's been over 20 years since I got rid of my last 40 and 55. I'm in the middle of the 305 rebuild, I'm hoping to have the whole rig done by the end of summer in time for some late fall fishing up in the ADK's.

We'll see how it turns out.
His new paint guy does far better work than he does. He hates painting and only does it when forced to. That being said, he did a real nice job on mine and it lasted a long time.

Wow, that rollover happened a long time ago, I have not been in that house for 12 years.

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