Replaced the Stereo head unit?

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May 25, 2013
anyone have success replacing the 2013+ LC or LX head unit? Would like to get CarPlay integration, but it appears it's still not here....even in 2016
The unit is too integrated. It's my biggest gripe with cruisers since they went the direction of the touch screen units. I wish we could get the simple HVAC and double din stereo units that the rest of the works gets. In theory, you can source the parts to swap but it would require replacement of the entire wiring harness behind the dash to work. I almost did that with my 100 series because the stereo was so bad.
Looking at the parts diagram/catalog, it appears that wiring harness for the HVAC system is separate from the dash harness. It *MAY* be possible to buy that harness and the HVAC controls to do the swap, but I can't tell if that would affect the cool box if you have one. Also list price for the HVAC controls appears to be about $900 and the wiring harness about $800. Hopefully one of the parts geeks will chime in and clarify.
If $1700 bones would allow me to put an aftermarket head unit in, I'd be game in a minute. For a vehicle that I would like to keep for 10 plus years, it's nice to be able to have current audio equipment/nav options. I almost went that route with my 100 series until it was totaled.
2016s have Siri support. Toyota is dragging their feet because they don't want to share proprietary information with Apple or let them into the cockpit yet. In less expensive models, this also allows them to sell nav as an overpriced upgrade, which may be the biggest reason. Meanwhile, GM, with their lesser product, will let you use Carplay even in inexpensive models and is willing to forgo the nav upsell. Interesting.

I bought an AC vent mount so I can take notes/send messages/etc by holding the home button. The ghetto $5 solution. I don't use the bluetooth in the car or ever for that matter, only speakerphone or air tube headset.
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