Replace tensioner and pulley with serpentine belt?

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Apr 5, 2019
So my GX is at 96k and I'm getting ready to do the timing belt/ water pump with new tensioner and pulley and coolant flush. I figured I would also replace the serpentine belt while it's apart. My question is whether I should also replace the tensioner and pulley for the serpentine belt, or whether its fine to just do the belt itself. Nothing squeaks or chirps. Are there any other repairs I should definitely do - thermostat?
Thermostat is right there. The tensioner and belt are simple PM. idler pullies, fan clutch, etc. I tend to just put in new parts as I go when PM comes up to save on little failures later that are annoying. I would do the tensioner and belt for sure. Too simple not to.
hi all... instead of starting a new thread, figured i'd piggy back on this one.

can you guys check these pics of my serpentine belt and tensioner? i feel like the belt isn't aligned right... would you all recommend replacing?

also, what parts would you go with? oem?

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