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Apr 3, 2007
Hello, I need to remove my rear third member from my fj80, factory locker, and I don't have a service manual yet? I am not having luck finding an article on it. Can someone give me some advice or a link for instructions?
thank you
The gist is:

  1. lock the rear locker before you start
  2. drain rear axle & have cold beverage
  3. remove both rear axles
  4. remove rear driveshaft
  5. disconnect locker wiring and vent tube
  6. remove locker motor protective cover
  7. remove all but one nut from the 3rd member
  8. take brief break, you may need it
  9. remove last nut and prepare for one heavy lift, if you're doing this on the ground think bench press
  10. have another cold beverage:cheers:

Reassemble in reverse order. I don't have my MM handy so I can't tell you the torques or the P/Ns of the seals and gaskets. All in all it's not a difficult job. Remember to clean everything really well before you go back together and have fun.
8.5 - Slip a floor jack under the third member before you remove that last nut.
The third weighs about 75 pounds. Not too bad.
8.5 - Slip a floor jack under the third member before you remove that last nut.

never found a good way to purch the third on the jack, I Just do it by hand. it is heavy but doable.
so what happens IF you didnt lock the axle first? :eek:
can you still pull it all out.
do you have to take the actuator off before the chunk will come out?
im getting mine read to do some gears.
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