Rejuvenating weatherstripping

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Jan 27, 2004
Los Angeles
Hello folks.

I have a 91 cruiser, the rear weatherstripping is in very good condition. No tears, etc. However, it seems to have shrunk up a tiny bit, maybe it's not as "juicy" as it once was. The downside is that I can smell some exhaust coming into the cabin on occasion. I have proof this is where it's entering, because when I go through a very dusty area, I can see dust tracks in numerous places across the weatherstrip.

So, other than replacing the weatherstrip all together, has anyone come up with any cure for this?

I was thinking about a thin layer of tape laid over the top. That would seem to be a workable solution, but what kind of tape? Something that would be durable, not too thick, and have excellent adhesion.

any other ideas?


I heard that if you coat it with Vasoline, it will bring it back to life. I just did it on my sunroof seal Sunday, and it seemed to help.
x2 on the silicone. Gunk makes a spray silicone that will swell the weatherstripping some. Its worked for me on my old Camaro.
To prevent ice/frost sticking the door weatherstripping to the body, I spray all my seals with silicone every Fall. They look and perform like new. Ditto the rear hatch. I've been in other 80s where the dry seals make a scritching sound when the body flexes where mine are silent.

Dunno about swelling them enough to matter though. I'd be willing to be the price of the weatherstripping is cheaper than you'd think from Cdan.

What Dana is neglecting to tell you all is that the exhaust smell thats coming into the cab is the sweet sweet smell of an 80 series with a diesel. I'd give up my weatherstripping to smell some diesel exhaust :flipoff2:

Classic :lol:
Diesel yes...and the sweet whine of a Turbo.
Never gonna spray silicone!
Spraying silicone scares me little too (over-spray). Could you spray on a rag or something for better controlled application of it?
where are you finding the spray, I have been to several stores and can't find it.

My drivers door is making the rubber on rubber noise and is driving me nuts.
Fwiw, this is the stuff I use and like it. It is Sil-Glyde from NAPA #765-1351. Probably available at other auto stores as well. Wipes on with a rag.

Home Depot has the gunk should be near the key making area, if all home depots are set up the same.

x2 on spraying it on a rag does not smell the best and only having it where you want it would be best (for those with sensitive noses :D)


where are you finding the spray, I have been to several stores and can't find it.

My drivers door is making the rubber on rubber noise and is driving me nuts.
Try this stuff - much easier than spraying silicone with the over spray, etc.

The German car guys swear by it and I've used it on my Audi and now on my LC with very good results. I've also tried all the various snake oil concoctions from the auto part stores and this is way better.

Easy to apply and it holds up very well. It has it's own applicator built in so you just apply and go. No spraying silicone on rags and getting excess spray all over the place. It also seems to hold up pretty well between washings.

here is one source - 1Z einszett Rubber Care Stick "Gummi Pflege"

Just my personal experience
x2 on the Gummi Pflege

Very well know in the BMW and Porsche circles.

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