Recommended Shackle length

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Sep 9, 2014
Junction City, Kansas
I have just about finished refurbishing the drive train and suspension on my 76 40 and am ready to install new shackles. Currently using 31 inch tires with stock springs. Driving profile will be about 80% highway, 15% improved gravel/dirt and 5% off road. What are your recommendation for shackle length?
I agree- with 31's there is no need to raise the truck and shackles alone are probably not worth the expense if you have the stockers available.

Search "shackle angle" and see what comes up.

its an easy search they only work up to about an inch or so longer then they just push the spring down not to mention transfering the weight of the truck to only one end of the spring .great for spring failure good luck on what ever you decide
Why are you wanting to install new shackles?

Back sagging?

Wanting to go bigger tires?

JohnnyC the current aftermarket shackles are toast. In addition they are 5 1/2 inch shackles installed by the PO who was running 16 inch narrow tires and are way too long.

Thanks to all. Stock it will be.
If your going to have to orders some anyway I'd look into the lengths of shackles on the 60 series. You might find a shackle with 10-15mm of added length. YOu won't get any height out or it but maybe a bit more travel.

I'm running stock shackles on 4 inch lift springs. The rears are ten plus years old and sag. Fronts are new but the winch and diesel motor really put them to the test.

I clear 33x12.5s with ease.

Stock length shackles mean no issues with angle correction spacers to fight off bad pinion flange angle

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