Rear Shock Replacement Question

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Jan 22, 2012
Richmond, VA
Hi all,

I need a little help -- I am in the process of replacing the shocks on my '94 FJZ80. This has been quite a job. The shocks were original to the vehicle and there was a ton of rust on the bolts/nuts. In fact, despite my best efforts, including the use of cans of PB and heat, I snapped the lower mounting bolt on the rear DS shock. That is really another story, but since I am already typing this, I might as well ask the question. So, I took the truck to a suspension specialist to remove the broken bolt. Best I can tell, they cut about half the length of the stud off and split the remainder open to remove the bolt. They then welded it back together and put spacers on the end of a larger (non-OEM) size bolt. I tried to install the new suspension but cannot get the bolt tight enough to snug up the shock absorber. So, my first question is, how should I remedy the problem? More spacers; have them cut off the mounting stud and re-weld a new one on (is this possible?); or tap the stud further in? Any advice will be helpful.

Second question: I replaced the OEM shocks with the ProFender shocks. When I went to mount the rear lower shock on the PS (the stud on that side is fine), it appears that the mounting hole in the shock is too large and floats on the stud. I can get it snugged up pretty well, but it seems like it should be tighter on the stud. Is there some part I am missing? If you can't tell from the picture, there is a metal sleeve inside the lower mounting hole in the shock absorber. I am including a picture to show you what I am talking about. Please let me know your thoughts guys. Thanks in advance for the help.
photo (1).jpg
#1 tap the stud further in (easiest method)
#2 Looks like they sent you the wrong shocks, give them a call ?

Good luck
Interesting - it's definitely odd that a shock made for an 80 series would have the wrong sized mounting hole. I wonder if there are two different stud sizes on the 80s. Thanks.
X2 on returning it for the right unit. Only fix would be to sleeve it with a small piece of tube.
It appears as though your lower shock mount is missing a simple sleeve that takes up the extra room. Contact the shock vendor and ask them about this sleeve. Or, go to Ace hardware and see if you can find a proper size bronze bushing that will do the same thing.

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