Rear panel vent window hinges; 1978

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Aug 18, 2013
Prescott Valley, AZ
So my rear vent windows have the shakes, mainly when open. I checked and found it to be part number 62704-90300, there are 4, two for each vent window. Striking out on finding them, apparently NLA?? If so does anyone know a way to fix them so they can be used when open without shaking like mad? Thanks to all the mud brothers out there...............
I'd bet Steve at EBI Cruisers would have some good used ones.

I've never heard of them wearing out before so the rusted out sides up here should have some.
I've got a box full of those Tom. From rusted out hardtop sides I bought out of Michigan...27 years ago!

I saved two boxes worth of good B pillars from those panels as well, thinking guys would want them to fab up homemade FST bows. That never caught on. :rolleyes:

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