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Mar 28, 2010
roseville, ca
so my rear control arm bushings are shot, i wanted to know what everyones favorite replacement bushings are, oem, slee's, or man a fre's, any opinions?
OEM. Way too much flex in the rear suspension for poly bushings.

Although if you are going to spend $180 on bushings, you'd might as well get some HD arms in the process.

I like the MAF 4+ with the spherical joint on one end.
those are nice but discontinued them, i was thinking about making some lowers with a slee bushing at one end and a 7/8 chromo heim on the other made out of .375 wall dom
OEM bushings for sure....

I went with landtanks HD LCA's - just a smidge longer to correct rear pinion angle without getting adjustable uppers
and they are solid bar not tube...


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By trapper50cal at 2011-02-28 you know how much they are and if he is still selling them?
Best to PM him, I know he go a better price on slightly larger diameter material so the newest ones will be even beefier. I also know that it's pretty much a "small run" contingent deal where once he has enough folks committed, he does another 10 sets or so. Another big benefit (as I see it) is the larger (thicker) rings at the end holding the pressed in bushings....they extend beyond the mounting bracket to protect them from impact damage.


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By trapper50cal at 2011-03-04

The other thing you can do is weld angle iron to the bottom of stock ones to create rigidity and a nice, narrow sliding surface.
What happened to leafsprings?

i'm still gathering parts, i need another rear axle, and some 3/4 ton springs, thats going to be my next winter project, but for now i need my truck to be ready for the 4 rubicon trips i have planned
those bent ones are nice but 425...ouch lol
The beauty of extended LCA's is you correct pinion angle for the stock shaft and also set wheelbase back to stock (@ 4" of lift I think for these arms), which means no $$$ required for messing with adjustable UCA's.
i have a 6 inch lift in the rear though...
I chose 4" as a zero point with the idea that the amount of pinion error from running 2" less of 2" more in lift would still be acceptable.

If you are running stock LCAs now then these extended ones should work just fine.
i have a 6 inch lift in the rear though...

Right, and with stock length LCA's. This will improve your u-joint operating angle alignment significantly assuming you are running a stock rear driveshaft.
When you extend the lower control arm when you stuff the tire wont it put it further back in the wheel well?
Forget it I answered my own question: your just rotating the axle to correct pinion not actully moving it back right?
When you lifted the vehicle with the stock LCA's, you brought the axle forward a bit, then under compression it arcs back into original position, yes... so when you extend the LCA it recenters the wheel in the wheel well at lift height. So yes, under full compression, the tire is further back in the wheel well but since the extension is such a small increment, it doesn't create any rubbing issues. At least in the case of 315's and 4 inches of lift.

With more lift, it would be even less profound.


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