Rear brake line position

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Sep 10, 2018
could somebody take a picture of the rear axel with the brake lines location from the flexible hose to the wheel cylinders and post it?? I'm rebuilding the drum brakes in my 1970 FJ40 and I'm having a hard time positioning the brake lines. Especially the t fitting. The manual diagram doesn't show much. Thanks in advance.
My '73 has "T" fitting held to housing by vent. Short line to passenger side, long line to drivers side over top of third member.
Yes my is that way too, does the short line bent over the t fitting in direction to the wheel cylinder? and does the long line goes around the differential?
I’m doing the brakes on my 67 so good timing! Let me know if these pics are what you need.
Yes!!!! Great. thanks a lot!! do you have one that shows which hole in the banjo? Thanks
rainingagain!! Are you going to replace yours? My were almost as bad...but I restore the original ones. A lot of "elbow"!! If you going to reuse yours, be very careful when you remove the lines...they will be rusted solid!!I found that ATF/Acetone mix its the best!! and patient...
Passenger side

Driver side


Just pulled tires off over the weekend to get started on this.

I’m a little disappointed in the amount of rust. I planned on using the original ones but we’ll see how it goes with cracking them loose.
Yeah, thas what I need!! Thanks again! Will help me a lot. After looking at the pictures of your car you will need to apply heat at those parts and I don't know if its going to work. I got a place that you can get the 9mm nuts brake lines( your car has 9mm right?) and with regular 3/16 brake lines, you can make your own lines.
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Good luck and thanks again!!
I’d not recommend reusing +/- 50 year old rusty brakes lines. They might work until you’re barreling along at 50 mph and your brake pedal suddenly hits the floor like a brake pedal.

I’ve only had this happen to me once. Fortunately is was at .5 mph. 6 months prior we’d paid a shop to redo the brakes on our ‘77 farm truck (just after selling the farm). Both rear cylinders failed and puked brake fluid on the rear Shoes.

I’ve always been thankful they failed the first time I hit the brakes on the way up the driveway, rather than on my way past the nearby park or after I’d got on the highway :eek:

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