Question - Someones Unfinish 80.

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Jan 22, 2015
Buddy of mine is selling a 1991 FJ80 for $2K, Weve agreed that if i purchase and install the OME 3" HD lift in his 1993 he will give me this 91 FJ80

Body has roughly 100K miles, roughly 6" lift.

Sitting under the hood is an LT1, Marks 4x4 adaptor to use the factory trans/transfer case. Wiring harness that seems to be ready to go to hook up the LT1 to the truck. Doesnt appear to be any rust or major rust anyway. Engine mounts are already made for this thing and in there. It had a 383 in it before.

My concerns are if i sold this truck say on here or something could i get $2K or maybe even a little more. My main concern is trying to pick up where someone else left off. I would rip it all out and do an LS1/4L60e but im worried about getting a lot of money tied up in this thing. I will work to get some pictures up for you guys soon but from the outside theres nothing special about it really, just a great looking FJ80 for its age.



I didn't know that. haha. It's local and a buddy of mine.

I really want to put this thing on the road. I've even thought about a cummins swap as I know more about diesels than Chevy engines. In that case would I be able to sell the engine harness, engine, mounts and adaptor plate. Is there enough demand to move those items.

I've never paid much attention to land cruisers before as I've been obsessed with 4runners honestly but after checking this thing out in person I love it. Great lines on these trucks.
LT1 or TPI 350? I don't think it's worth $2k.
1k if everything else is functional--I wouldn't value the 350 at anything more than core return.
He's giving you the car if you help him do a suspension install? If yes I would do it, but I have time on my hands and wouldn't mind another fj80
I could be reading it wrong; but I was reading the deal to be "purchase and install" meaning not just the labor to install the lift kit, but also the cost of the kit.
TPI, not LT1.
But then, I'll nearly always take on a labor trade for actual iron and steel so throwing some cash at it won't hurt.
Yes I'll be buying the lift kit and installing it into the white one pictured. And then I get the Grey one. I just want to make sure I won't be upside down in this thing.
I'd jump on it. If you can make the 350 run, great, drive it, or post it for sale. If you can't make it run, do your diesel thing and scrap the rest...

If it wasn't so far away, I'd own it already!
But I'm in the market for a 91-92, so...
How much is this kit you're buying?

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