Question for the carb gurus

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Jul 24, 2017
Cedar Park,TX
I have a 71 fj40 that was produced 11/70. If I were to put an earlier carb (69-70) on would it run fine? I don't know the small differences. Mine has a cable actuated throttle and a manual choke.

Thank you in advance for your help. I would like to stay with an aisin carb.

Early 69's had a 1 bbl. Don't go there. If you are not subject to emissions testing (and maybe even if you are), they should be close.
Are you looking to buy a carb? If so don’t buy a 3/69-9/69. Get one dated 10/69 thru mid 72. As you are aware you want a bellcrank that is ready for your accel cable.
3/69-9/69 was a goofy carb that was for a Toyota corona or something like that. FJ40Jim has explained it and 65swb45 has mentioned to avoid those carbs.
@1969FJ are you running a 3/69-9/69?

Yes, I own a 3/69 and have found NO issues with the carb. It is a 2 barrel and one thing, I am not an abuser/major off roader so I am not sure where the weak issue is. What magical improvement was made after this series ? Was there an engineering flaw? Actually, why would anybody need to change the carb design if it works? Just questions ?

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