For Sale Pura UVB Water Filtration System, 200 Series Skid Plates, Trail Tailor Bumper Box, and Eezi Awn Load Bars — SF Bay Area (1 Viewer)


Jan 28, 2016
San Jose, CA
Another round of clearing out some gear that's not seeing much action. These prices do not include shipping and a few of the items don't make sense to ship at all.

Pura UV UVB-1 Water Filtration System, 2 gpm, 12 v (Link) - $200
  • This is brand new. I purchased this just before deciding to get a trailer that has a complete water filtration system.
ARB Skids for 200 Series (Link) - $200
  • I'm going with some different skids and wanted to go ahead and put these up for sale.
  • They've been on the truck for 3 years and have taken some hits... they're not as flat as they are brand new.
  • Local pickup only
4 x Eezi-Awn Load Bars (Link) - $100 for all of them
  • I used these with a RTT before moving to a trailer with a full rack. They were originally 1500mm bars that I cut down to 1250mm.
  • There are drilled mounting holes spaced for Eezi Awn tents.
  • They do not include the hardware needed to mount to Eezi-Awn feet... you'll need to grab new hardware from Equipt.
Custom Trail Tailor Bumper Box (Link) - $300
  • This is a spacious bumper-mounted toolbox that works with the Trail Tailor Ladder on the 200-Series.
  • The box is pretty large in all directions... I'll update with actual measurements later.
  • All aluminum with Southco latches, coated with LineX on the outside and painted red on the inside for visibility. It comes with a sacrificial plate and some rubber to minimize noise while on the trail. The mounting holes could be re-drilled for other bumpers.
  • This adds a ton of functionality and storage room to a bumper set up.
  • Local pick up only.
Frontrunner Footwell Water Tank, Black, 10.6 gal(Link) - $SOLD
  • Lightly used
  • Probably does not make sense to ship this one
Blue Ridge Overland Gear Cooking Kit Bag (Link) - $SOLD
  • Not much to add here. We replaced this with one from Adventure Tool Company.
Baja Designs S2 Squadron Pro, Wide Cornering (Link) - $SOLD
  • Includes amber cover
  • Bracket has an extra mounting hole drilled in it
  • Bare leads (you'll need to use your own connectors)
2 x Baja Designs Squadron Sport, Work/Scene (Link) - $SOLD
  • Includes amber covers
  • Bare leads (you'll need to use your own connectors)
Joolca HOTTAP Water Heater and Partial Accessories (Link) - $SOLD
  • Originally purchased from Drifta and no longer being used as my trailer has a hot water system
  • Includes propane hose with quick disconnect
  • Includes shower wand
  • Includes 12v pump, never used
  • Includes quick disconnect hardware for water hoses Update: I 6 have male couplers but only two of the female quick disconnects.
  • Does not include the hot and cold water hoses you see in the photos above... however, you can use any 3/8ths ID hose that can handle the pump's PSI
Adjustable SPC UCAs for 200 Series w/ Rebuild Kit (Link) - $SOLD
  • I took these off my 200 series to rebuild them and in the meantime installed Trail Tailor's UCAs
  • I have lower ball joint and bushing kits for both arms so once rebuilt they'll basically be brand new
  • I can either sell with the kit or do the rebuild for you for an extra $50... it's not hard and the SPC directions are pretty good so I'd recommend doing this piece on your own
Ronco Plastics RV3W Water Tank, Grey, 14 gal (Link) - $SOLD
  • There's nothing wrong with this tank but it's free because a.) it's not too expensive to begin with and b.) it only has 10-11 usable gallons
  • I'd highly recommend doing a few things to this tank... an inspection hatch up top, a lower drain (even from the bottom) and a vent from the top of the tank. The current fitting locations reduce the usable volume dramatically
  • Local pickup only
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