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Jun 14, 2003
Hey guys, I 've been on the 80's side for a few years and I'm thinking about coming over to the 40's side for a trail rig. I did a search and found the pre-purchase inspection list (very good info). My question wasn't really anwered on the list, so I thought maybe someone could help me out. I know that if a SOA is'nt done correctly, than the rig is pretty much useless on the highway, but what else should I look for to ensure that the SOA was done correctly? Here is a link to the rig.

hey better yet if you get over there why not just take it for a ride and see for yourself how it handles at higher/highway speeds. From what I've read here you'll know right away. i.e. infamous "death wobble"
In a general sense this is my opinion, but others will have their own opinions. On a SOA the axle should be cut and turned to correct the caster. Look for decent welds and clean work. The steering shouldn't be chopped and rewelded and messy, if so plan on fixing it or walk away, a step down steering linkage welded together cheesily is dangerous, period. High steer would be a plus. Take some pics and post up and we can definetly help. Take pics of the inner knuckles, steering, pinion angles, etc. Also, as others have said, if the SOA is done right and the rig has PS it should roll down the road straight and true and not have death wobble, pulling, etc.


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