Pre-purchase engine/compression test for 200K + miles?

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May 1, 2019
san francisco
Assuming a truck checks out by a standard going over and test drive, do you guys get a compression test, or other engine health status test (leak down, pressure) prior to purchase on higher mileage 80s?

I realize these ‘run forever ‘ (I had one up to 325K myself), but they also sometimes need major engine work near 200K and beyond.

If you do an engine test, which one?

I’m, hopefully, getting close to purchasing a replacement 80, and I’m trying to be as undumb as I can about it —which is difficult for me, as dumbness comes naturally to me.

Thanks for any input.
A leak down test will tell you more about the overall health of the rings, and valves then a simple compression test will. As to which test to have done is up to you. A leak down test is more involved, and time comsuming to do. Because of that it will end up costing you more then just a simple compression test would.
If you are in San Francisco why don't you just take it to valley hybrids for a prepurchase insp? I did that with Georgs shop and it was very reasonable and I got a detailed list which was used to negotiate the price. What I was told the truck was worth is what I got it for. I was 4000 miles away for this purchase!

Good luck with the buy
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In my opinion, I wouldn't let some random guy who's interested in buying my Cruiser mess around and do a compression or leak down test in my driveway. But if he were to drive it to a trusted mechanic for inspection, that would be fine. Just throwing that out there.
Thanks for the replies.

The 80 is out of town. I would arrange to take it to a dealer/mechanic, not just attempt to go at it.

Would you consider some sort of engine test mandatory [or highly advisable] for a higher mileage truck? Or am I being over the top?

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