Power Steering Conversion creaking issue

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Dec 18, 2021
SoCal - San Berdoo
Hi All. Need some advice on a power steering converion issue. 1970 -40 series. We just completed our mini truck power steering conversion this evening. Everything seemed to work great. We test drove it around, spun the steering wheel back and forth many times marveling at our achievement and called it a day. Then hopped in and drove about 15 miles home from where we did the work. As i was turning the wheel to straighten out while backing up the driveway, a loud creaky sound began to come from the steering box ( i think ) when turning the wheel. The 79-85 mini truck box was hust totally rebuilt and has brand new fluid from a brand new saginaw pump and hoses. Could this be a sign of overheating? Air in the system? Fluid is full and not bubbling.

Any ideas what could be my problem?
I don’t know. Air can certainly make noise, but I’m not sure it it would sound like what you’re describing.
Double check the fluid level in the pump. Depending on how things are leveled it could take a while to completely bleed air out of the system. Until then it may make some strange sounds.

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