PO404/EGR Code Question...

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Aug 16, 2010
Depends on which map you're using...
Right, I did the search here, and I'm not coming up with much.

It's a '95 LC, with 168,XXX miles. The CEL keeps giving me the EGR code. It happened a while back: with the typical engine bogging down. A quick shot of electronics cleaner into the MAF sensor got things sorted, and we were running pretty.

However, the CEL is now popping up again with the same code but I'm not getting any poor performance symptoms. I tried to swap out the MAF Sensor with a cruiserparts.net tested/used unit: CEL still kicked on (yes, after reset).
Swapped out the EGR valve with a new one: the dreaded light popped up yet again (the old valve was just fine).
Checked all the vacume hoses: found a bit of buildup, cleaned it out, and yet again: the CEL is popping up.

So: what am I missing here? The engine is running fine: idling all right, no loss of power/etc, but that blasted EGR code keeps coming up.

Help? :confused:
While I didn't have P0404, I had P0401 which is also an EGR code. One thing that worked for me was to pull the EGR temp senor and clean off the carbon deposits. I would also search and read up on other EGR related threads, most if not all deal with P0401, but it should shed some light on your issues.

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