Pittsburgh Mechanic - 2000 Landcruiser - Advice Needed

Sep 25, 2018
Pittsburgh PA
Looking for some advice from the local Pittsburgh LC Team

I have 2000 Landcruiser, 235k miles. Has treated me very well for the past 18 years, but it starting to run a little rough lately. I also have a tricky recurring issue where I will be driving without issue, then it stalls out when I come to a stop. It will restart , but when I put it in drive it stalls itself out. After a day or so, the issue rights itself and off I go for another 10-20k miles. It has only happened 4x in past 2 years - with no triggering event - and does not leave behind any error codes or traces of what the issue may be.

In preparation for it happening again, I want to find a solid local mechanic who can help by giving me a solid 235k tune up - but also be the first place I go if my recurring stall out issue rears its head again.

Any advice for a local Pittsburgh Toyota Landcruiser mechanic?

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