Pics of 18" 265/70 or 275/70 please

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Aug 17, 2010
I am in the midst of deciding on my final wheel and tire selection and it would be great to see pics of 100's with 265/70-18 or 275/70-18 tires.

Please post pics and tell us exactly what size and brand of tire you have.

It I could invent the perfect 100 Series size for my needs it would be an A/T in 265/75-18 or 285/70-18 but neither are readily available.

Lots of info here on those tire sizes,just use the search bar at the top and put in 275/70-18.I started a thread with pics.of our 04 100 with 275/70-18 BFG AT's.
I really like this size as they fit with no problems,look and do great on the road/off road.
Just did OME 2.5" lift last month and put on 275/70R18 BFG TA/KOs. I was on the fence between this tire and 285/65R18. Liked that the ones I got were taller and at Discount tire they were $100 less each. For a taller tire and a $400 savings I can live w/o 10MM of width. Truck looks and rides great. Let me know what you end up deciding on.
Truck 3.jpg
please look up my posts... there are a few good pics of the 275's your wanting.
Rival, that ^ looks really good. What have you done to the suspension? Guessing 1.5"?
Rival, that ^ looks really good. What have you done to the suspension? Guessing 1.5"?
No lift just has the front torsion Bar adjusted to get rid of the droopy front end. Done by previous owner it is new to me.
285x65x18 Nitto Trail Grapplers on 18" Lexus wheels with 1.5" Ironman Suspension lift

Brock.... . Any issues pulling into standard 7' garage?
No I am good at 7' garages...the 6'6" ones are another story. I drove around and parked in 7' garage just couple weeks ago without issue...but in Wash DC had to park on street as they were 6'6".
even at 295/70R18 with 2" lift I'm still under 7'... but just barely. I keep expecting it to rub. fortunately I have 9' doors on my garage!

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