Petcock location?

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Jan 11, 2019
I’ve got a silly question, 1995 fzj80 flushing the cooling system, stock radiator and I can’t seem to find anything about the petcock location? I’ve searched and searched. I know I’m totally missing it. Anyone able to help with some pictures? Thanks!
here ya go
remove the bottom plate, i bet your tranny cooler line is getting in your way of locating it. it is there.
Got the plate off.. the tranny cooler lines are mostly on the driver side? Does the fan shroud need to come off? Not sure how I’m not seeing it..
fan shroud does not need to come off...i just usually remove my lower radiator hose and drain the block. no need to remove pedcock
It’s the white thing that is circled in the picture above. You’ll have to fish around for it... I haven’t found it easy to access.

I do the same thing @Marco Lau does. Removing the lower hose allows everything drain just as well.
X2 pull lower hose, some petcocks can be removed and plugged so maybe yours is gonne
Try pulling it off from the other end (metal hose leading to thermostat. I found it easier to pull from there first.
Tools make all the difference, old hoses bond to the radiator and the pick uses leverage and wedge principles to easily break the bond and allow the hose to pop off. You can pull all day without breaking that bond between hose and radiator. The hose might as well be glued on.
Flat head screwdriver would work in a pinch. Be careful not to rip it if you don’t have replacement hoses though
It's on the drivers side - 100% sure.
At the left end of the bottom tank, when viewed from the engine, looking forward. Just like @Marco Lau photo above shows.
It's definitely fiddly to reach, difficult to see, and it will dribble out slowly anyway, while running along the frame tubing and missing your catch pan, so the suggestion to just the lower hose instead is pretty good.
I made a special tool for it - a few inches of 3/4" steel tube with a slot cut in the end to slip over the petcock tab. It's a pain.

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