PCV - Is this play normal?

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Oct 16, 2018
See video - I can wiggle the hell out of it. I can pull it out too, with 10lbs of force or so. Reason I looked is I'm getting no vacuum at idle (like, zero, but it idles (sort of, and low) anyway. I know, I know - shouldn't be possible. Sticking to the PCV, though - do I need to get ordering stuff?

Loose PCV
Rubber grommet in the tube, hose on the top side.
As long as the pcv rattles when you shake it, its ok.

Sounds like a new vacuum gauge is in your future however.
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Hm - I'll check for the rattles. And just to be sure I'm clear, you mean "yes" as in it's fine, not as in "time to buy parts," no?

And ha-ha re: vacuum gauge. I think it's the carb. Just found plenty of vacuum on the PCV hole in the manifold - barely anything trickling out of the advance port on the carb.
Oh for f's sake. I'm such a rube. The PO bashed in the port on the side of the manifold (by the PCV inlet) so I didn't know where to grab vacuum. I gotta get some adapters. Take it from the brake booster?

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