Paragon rumors

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Mar 10, 2005
I've been hearing rumors about Hazleton and the airport.

There is a lot of local opposition to the airport and one town even passed a no fly zone law.

Hazleton cargo airport funding dropped

The Times-Tribune - Hazleton cargo airport funding dropped

E. Union bans air traffic

The REPUBLICAN & Herald - E. Union bans air traffic

A thread on the Paragon forum indicates that $1.2 million was lost to the community with the closure of Paragon.

What I heard was that the airport was dead and that Paragon was coming back.

Still no confirmation on Paragon's forum.
From everything that I read on this, the airport is a 3.2 billion dollar project. That's billion with a B. I think what the town did or did not loose equates to petty cash. I would not put any weight with what gets said on the PAP forum. I've seen some pretty stupid stuff go on there in the past.

FWIW, I miss Voodoo alot. I can't think of another trail that I like more than that one.
The airport may be dead.No one wants it but the landowner and the investors.I`ve talked to a few locals to Hazelton and they just laugh when you mention it.I`m guessing Kyle and Stephane aren`t saying much about it because it is still in court.And yes Jon you can`t believe all that is said on their board,unless Kyle posted it.
You guys are talkng like the land is up for grabs. Kyle and Stephanie never owned the land. They were leasing it, which came out when this whole mess started. They're both good people, but how can you base that type of buisness plan around land that you don't own? It's gone now. If not an airport, then a shopping mall and single family homes.

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