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Sep 21, 2003
the other day I was painting some parts. So, the usual thing: I put some wooden strips or round rods (to minimize contact) underneath the parts so that I don't put paint all over my bench, but then I have to do just one side and let the top dry first or the wet bottom gets messed up by the strips with a long line showing up afterwards. And they can move around easily if rods. Fed up with all that. So I took a bit of scrap plank wood and a scrap 5/16 wooden dowel. A minute with the saw, a minute with the drill press, a minute with the belt sander, and a minute with a pencil sharpener (yes, it fits!). And voila, use 3 (or more), and you're set. Worst case, you have 3 little dots to touch up. Easy to repair, disassemble, store, and modify the length of the studs if needed. Free/cheap and fast!
If I had to support something heavy, I would do the same bases but just use a ball bearing or a marble instead of the dowel.

added: if you're wondering what the wood finish is, it's my own vintage, I call it "2020 filtered 20W50" ... :)

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