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Mar 23, 2019
Seema like I've seen a could different companies making some kind of auxiliary light for the upper hatch on our LC's....

Which one do most prefer and why? Any benefits to one over the other? Other solutions for extra work lights in the back I should be looking at?

Thanks as always!!

P.S. I've used forums on the interwebs for most of the vehicles I've owned over the years and I think the LC forum is the most useful and most civilized I've ever seen. Not much of the BS and drama that usually happens in others. Just an observation.
Anyone? No suggestions on which tailgate interior light is the best? I saw Cruiseroutfitters had one posted in a thread but didn't see it on the website or I probably would've just gotten that one.
The Baja Designs dome light and National Lunas from Equipt seem to be the favored options.
I saw some with dimmer switches I would prefer that option.
Some people attached led flash lights there.

I didn't like the one that used the emergency exit panel on the door with the light force light. I just don't think it's good to block the emergency exit.

Search and there are a bunch of different options, and it doesn't need to be the 200 series.. most are generic.

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