Off road Stroudsburg/Rust on the Cruiser

Jan 6, 2011
Is it ilegal to drive on the Power Lines road? they are in a game state land, but i look on the internet that theres a road there that takes you to a lake, and i was woundering if im gonna get in trouble if i go thru there, theres no gate no nothing no signs..

And. does anybody knows anywhere in Stroudsburg where i can go Off road with no problem?

and my other question is anybody knows someone who can take some rust out of my FJ60? and get a new paint job?? not to expensive but that does a good job..
Aug 31, 2010

Powerline trails are power company property. I've wheeled and camped on these trails in the past with no problems, but with our current social/political realities I would suggest against this (trespassing, DHS, state police,etc). Park trails are usually posted, but be warned, I have yet to meet a reasonable park ranger. If you don't mind paying a fine then I guess you can take your chances.

Drive up 209, there are a few park access roads marked "un-maintained", on the left hand side going north. The old Mt.Airy lodge used to host jeep jamboree a decade back, so I know there are old jeep trails around the new casino (also at your own risk). I suggest you buy yourself the Pennsylvania Atlas and Gazetteer, they mark old logging trails, that might be your best bet.

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