OEM Brake lines

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Nov 30, 2005
I'm replacing my brake soft lines..
Should i just go to NAPA or Autozone or order OEM from spector or Jt, etc.?
either will work

you may get cheaper at local auto parts store but you run the risk of their books/application data being wrong and having that whole hassle. especially when your working on something that hasn't been imported in +24 years.

LC-specific vendors should have exactly what you need, no questions but prolly more $$. I have had good experience with TPI & MAF, but many sing the praises of Mark & Kurt. My advice would be to avoid JTO & SOR but it's your prerogative.
well, are they 9 or 10 mm? you didn't list your application. so, if they are 9mm you may have some problems. i had a local shop make my 9mm line and will give you the info if you like.
Macgyver: My bad, i replaced all my hardlines and now i don't trust my softlines.. Specifically, i'm talking about the one on the driver-side beneath the M/c.. i think it was a 17mm (i might be off 1mm)..

I'll look into TPI & MAF...

btw: i tried to do a search for "cruiser dan" but i couldn't locate... is this priveledged info?
I don't know about the particular hose you're asking about but Cruiser Dan set me up with OEM hoses from the axle to each front wheel, no problem.
Good luck!
are you guys having to wait for these lines or are they in stock?It seems noone has stuff like that local. it's either in oklahoma or some other way off place...

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