No RAV4 forum?

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Mar 28, 2020
A little surprised not to see a general Toyota or RAV4 specific sub-forum. I’ve seen people overland / light off-road a RAV4 so it isn’t impossible. Haha.
*sigh* I already saw this thread in the most recents, and was just waiting for tag notification.

Anyways it might just be you and me, @MrTorgue, trying to wheel our RAV4 with any frequency. But I get the feeling member numbers has less to do with the reason there isn't an appropriate subforum - but rather the fact that they're essentially an AWD vehicle start to finish, aside from maybe first generation(s), with locking center diff (but still no low range gearbox).
When I build my overlanding trailer my Prime will tow it out into the wilderness part of the time and my GX most of the time. I like this forum and would prefer to stay here when talking about my RAV4. I get there are those reasons above, so where should I post?

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