Next Trail Ride - Sunday, April 8, 2007

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just another ex-VI Cruiser
Apr 27, 2005
Langford, British Columbia, Canada
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Make it up island and I might make it
It'll depend on whether I can pawn the dogs off on my parents for the day, ( not to mention the minor electrical Chernobyl mushroom cloud hovering over the 45...:rolleyes: )

But, I wanna go, so I'll try to be there.
It looks like there will be a good turnout and a few new faces...

Destination has changed to Sooke area, so no meeting point at Masons (Shawnigan Lake). First post updated.

The following have confirmed:
Stumpy 40
Chris 60
Vern 40
Rico 4Runner
Mike A
Dan R 40
Mrs. Crusty 40

Ken (riding with Chris)
Crusty (looking for a ride)

I can't make it, but I hope everyone has fun and takes and posts lots of pics.
So after much consideration of the following dilema (Easter egg hunt : family harmony- Offroad trip: VIC Gang and fun) and threats from my wife about leaving me forever (this time) ..some more consideration and pondering, Jake and I are going to have to miss this one. It is with great sadness (offset by harmonious family unit) that we must decline. None of you have met Brigitte yet, but when you do, you'll get my point here. Have fun everyone!!!!

Layne & Jake
yeah, I'd probably have gone if it was still in shawnigan, but sookes a bit of a drive from here.

that, and keeping the dogs from getting run over or getting belted in the head by a llama kinda took yet again, I had to bail.

I did however get my wheeling in of a sort....air time on the ride-on lawnmower, up on two wheels, landed and busted the tie rod and unseated a bead on a front tire.....:hillbilly:
so where's the trip report for us web wheelers :)
Some pics for you "web wheelers"

Here are some pictures. The trip wound up being a pretty mild run... However there were many spots that showed potential and definitely warrant further exploration.:bounce:
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