Need opinions on a truck

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Nov 26, 2008
Charleston, SC
Ok. i drive a Prius now as an everyday driver. I am wanting to get rid of because I need a truck. i have always had trucks but was kind of pressured into getting the Prius by my father because we were suppose to be opening a restaurant in Holly Hill and I would be doing a tom of driving. Well it still hasn't opened and everyone knows how bad I need a truck. I have always had full size trucks but got tired of driving such a big vehicle everyday around town. I am leaning towards a new Tacoma 4x4, long bed, 4 door. I am just a little concerned that later down the road I wish I would have gone with the new F-150 or even just a nice used truck. i love American trucks but love Toyota's as well. i am a conservative guy and don't care for modern vehicles too much but some of the newer stuff is nice. I just wonder if the Tacoma is too "teenish" looking. I like the size of the truck for around town driving and off roading and obviously Toyota's reliability and resale value. Maybe someone here can give me an opinion and say something I may not have thought of that might help make my decision.
My dad was looking at the new tacoma a couple of years ago. Liked them a lot but decided to go with an 06 f-150. He needed something he could tow his landscaping trailer with (he does that on the side). As far as full size, he liked the Chevy/GMC better than the ford all around (tundra was top choice but too expensive at the time) but the ford had adjustable brake and gas pedals. He is 6.3 and my mom is less than 5'. That's what finally sold him on it. What if she needed to drive the truck? She couldn't see out of the others. Don't know if that wold be a consideration for you but it is a nice feature.

Some great deals can be had on new vehicles right now.
Considering how much they are discounting Chevy and Fords I would seriously consider one. Tacomas are nice but its no full size truck and the gas mileage (especially highway) is not that much better than a fullsize Chevy. To me it would depend on how long I was keeping the truck. If under 5 years and 100K I would go Chevy. Anything over that Toyota reliability will win.
Why not get a good used full size and keep the prius? Use the Prius as a DD if the other location opens up and just buy a 01-06 that's not loaded. Theres tons of good deals out there on good low mileage used trucks.
You mention that you need a truck, but you don't really say what you need the truck for. Do you just need a little bed space, or do you need to tow 10k lbs on a regular basis?
You could get a Chrysler truck, since they are going under...oh wait, they don't make trucks. humm? Imagine if they did it would have been like the "k-car". :D

I have a 04 F-150 four door, not too big and plenty of room, good gas mileage.
I have driven a pile of truck in the past few years and I currently have a 03 Tundra V8 4x4 Acces Cab, and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING. It is big enough to tow my 40 and it is small enough to drive in town and not feel like you are driving a 18 wheeler. The new Tundras are just to big for me and the only draw back to an F150 is that it is built by Ford. Don't get me wrong I have had F150 in the past but they will never compare in quality or reliability to a Toyota. The Tacos are nice but a bit small if you want to tow anything bigger than a ski boat or small camper.

I have also heard that you can get a new Tundra 4x4 with the 5.7 for around 19k out the door now.
If you ever build your 40 or another one for the trails eventually youll get to the point youll need to trailer it to the mountains. Just something to think about. whatever you get I would think about a towing capacity of at least 5000lbs.
I was looking at tacoma's before i picked up the FJ Cruiser a few weeks ago. Up here you can get a used for about $23,000 with lower miles (4door) and a new over at Jim Barkley are $24,500. I really like the Tacomas but went with the FJ for interior room for long trips with my kids. Also There are a few leese trade in Tundras over at Brian Easler with Low miles and Decent prices if you want the bigger truck with the V8. If you want more info on them let me know, I go to a gun range by there and can stop in and grab price and pic for you if it is not on thier website.


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