Need help with VIN tag/numbers

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Oct 6, 2018
St. Louis
I'm building my dream car, an FJ80 chassis with a FJ45 body from Aqualue. I'm about ready to start pulling the body off my donor FJ80 and I'm run into an issue with the VIN tag. I'm trying to sell the whole body to someone to swap onto another frame or cut up for pieces. I'm planning on using my existing clean title from the 80 and the vin tags when I go to have my FJ80/45 inspected. It's already going to be a big enough pain to get things inspected and registed, I don't want to risk any additional sources of frustration.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to remove the tag from the dash without calling a glass guy to come remove the windshield?

I promise, I didn't steal this car.

Thanks for your help.
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Someone PM'd me with some news that my state will actually issue me a new VIN plate when I have the car inspected. Looks like I'm overthinking things. This is different from my previous state.

He told me that he just used photographs of the original VIN tag as a way to showing that the donor chassis was from the title.

No need to do anything with those tags.
i know with the dash out the vin plate can come off super easy
been thinking about doing the same thing.

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