my slee bumper

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Jan 19, 2011
New York
just put on my slee bumper, waiting for my OME lift then getting some 33s a rear bumper with swingout from slee and a warn m8000, thanks slee for such a quality product
I am a DIY guy myself
But I do like that bumper, Slee makes a good product
I just got a Warn M8000 not to long ago and it is a nice winch for the money
I like it because it is fairly compact for the amount of pull you get from it
I have used it a few times already and it worked great
I like the Metal Tech front bumper :hillbilly:

Landcruiser Phil, I like what you did with it very clean
My favorite 80 series bumper.
Just ordered the Slee Shortbus bumper for my fjz80 and OME lift. 220.00 to ship into Michigan (ouch!) will post pics when installed. VERY helpful on the phone I wish I were closer.
I wish I were closer

Me too.

However, I have been able to take advantage of the military moving me around. I swing by Golden when ever I can. Last time they installed a used supercharger for me. I had to park my m416 trailer outside since I dropped my 80 off on Sunday and it was my tow rig. Without me having to ask, they fork-lifted the trailer to their fenced area for security. Can't say enough good things about their products and service.
Did you move the A/C drier?
Does Slee ever make these with full headlight protection like the ARBs have? If so I would like to see a pic...

No. Slee's Shortbus is for rock crawling. The ARBs are for kangaroo protection.

You could always request one with custom tube-work, I guess.
In past threads it was mentioned that the Slee Shortbus is what it is and if someone wants modifications they were to do it as they will come off the assembly line all the same. It was designed to do what it does, provide ground clearance and protection while not weighing a ton. Slee uses higher quality steel that has a more tensile strength than regular mild steel and the tubes tie everything in. Comparative bumpers are the Metaltech and Bump-it Offroad, but they are DOM tubed design. (Mike at Bump-it offers customer design options.)

If you notice the ARB has vertical supports which give the upper bars some strength to take on kangaroos and other tall vermin, suppose one can do a add-on modification to the design if they wanted. I do wish Slee would offer the taller tubes but like many that have requested the same in the past it's obvious that no changes were made to the design.

I have a Slee Shortbus enroute that I ordered today, have been waiting for them to become available. (I have a nice Milemarker HI1200 to cram in it.) If you are on the fence about purchasing one they might not be on the shelf when your ready to take the plunge...

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