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Feb 6, 2014
South Lake Tahoe, CA USA
I've been offered a "free gift" for taking a survey for IH8MUDD because I was the x# visitor today. I wouldn't mind doing it for free if it helps our site... However,if you get this pop up read to the end print that comes AFTER you are asked to pay for the nominal shipping with your credit card. Your gift is a "free TRIAL"! It reads as if you are getting a FREE dash cam, flash light etc and you'll just need to pay for shipping. BUT, at the very end it states your credit card will be billed for the full amount after a short "trial period".

I fell for this survey a few months ago after shopping at a newly opened Whole Foods in my town for the first time. I got home and had a similar survey from Whole Foods in my email. Being a Amazon Prime member I assumed it was legit. Unfortunately, I took the survey and picked the "$69.00 tactical flash light". Everyone can always use a good flashlight right? So,I paid for the shipping and as soon as I clicked the "get your free gift now" link I saw the fine print but couldn't cancel the order. What I received was a cheap, dim, Chinese flash light (that takes 3 AAA batteries) that sells at home improvement stores for $19.95 and my credit card was debited for the $8.95 shipping AND the $69.95. I could not get a hold of the shipper and when I called my bank they said people call them all the time to dispute these kind of gimmicks but that "there is nothing you can do because it's in the fine print".

So, I am not writing this to take anything away from MUDD trying to get information about visitors to our site. If, this is in fact the truth. Yet, IMO the "free gift offer" is deceptive. Caveat Emptor!!
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Apr 23, 2008
So Cal
The scams are getting better and better. I work in IT and we get trained to be on the lookout and report phishing scams through emails, text messages, pop ups, etc.

i avoid taking any kind of survey, clicking any link on text messages, and answering unknown caller calls (I wait for the voice message).

Yet, my sister asked to support her husband who works for UPS by signing a petition on She sent a link via text to my personal cell phone.

Now i get peppered with text messages and phone calls with scam products and emails with other fake petitions.

I didn’t realize that my sister didn’t check out the site before asking the family to sign a petition.

Anyways, I learned that lesson. Don’t trust your own family!
May 26, 2005
Tulsa, OK
All the more reason to use a credit card. My card CO. has always sided with me even when I was wrong. But I am honorable and made it right. It has saved me on lots of these scams over the decades.

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