Move Georg to Mississippi Thread!

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Hot Damn
Dec 20, 2004
Brandon, MS
Ok guys let's hear some reasons why we need to move Valley Hybrids and our friend Georg to Mississippi! This should get good!
Cost of living 50% less

Jackson is only #6 most violent city. Stockton is #4

Maybe exposure to some Southern bible thumpers will get him to see the light

He can be a day's drive from his lover Charles

Lenny can sit and ask him questions for hours. Face to face.

Georg, did you get the box I sent you fool ?
You can actually avoid Jackson and live in the Suburbs.
Madison and Rankin Counties have the Best Public School System in MS.
You would be much closer to New Orleans
Less Left wing wackos.

Ya get to hang out with CLC ...nuff said
I will rotate your tires for free....
In the summer you can dodge Mosquitos and bullets, instead of just bullets.

You'll have to remove VALLEY from the name or you will draw the wrong crowd. But on the other hand you might make more money with a rental shop that rents custom spinners.
I'd have someone to send people to when I get a call from someone that can't seem to take the time to look at MUD for answers.
Toploader would move with him!
He'd be about 1000 miles closer to Katemcy.
y'all are too sweet! ;)

in the words of Sir Chris Of Tolleson "that is awesomeness right there".

and believe me, i'd love to ....... for many reasons.

the people
the food
the south
a pace of life i'd rather live
a better place to raise my son
a southern belle?!

but life's a little more complicated than that. :frown:

never say never! :)

Delta Hybrids! Time to expand G!
Just what I need; a satellite store aka more work. :lol:
We could quit work and run the MS shop for you and call you every 5 minutes!
Hi,Personally since your in Texas at least once every year anyway.........Could be a bidding war. Mike
You stay out of this Mike! lol

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