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Feb 20, 2006
San Clemente, California, USA
Buttercup was towed, and the tire of the dolly went off, a piece of tire broke the mirror... so I called Mr. Cruiser Dan, he asked me for the VIN number, so they can paint the mirror and delivered already painted... that's so cool...
some pics of the installation... I wish that all repairs be like that...
BTW, it was easy to remove the speaker instead of the door panel to access the wires...
phone call $0.02
mirror $157
DIY priceless!!! (without Joe's supervision :))

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Nice price. Hopefully the tow company paid for the mirror Roberto.
Just curious does Toyota sell just the inner mirror or do you have to buy the whole housing?
My understanding is that you can get the mirror glass/plastic backing plate separately, but it is impossible to install without breaking it.
i'm due to replace mine at some point--- the mirror is epoxied in place, can't adjust it.... and now the housing is screwed in (it broke) so it isn't adjustable either.

For now, it is sufficient, but $150 to have a perfect mirror sure does sound appealing
once all the mounts and other mechanical things are working right, mirrors are coming next!

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