Mirror fixed.....for now

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Sep 26, 2006
Nashville, TN
I have been needing a more permanent fix for my drivers side mirror for a while, one of the tabs at the top was broken off, and the hole at the bottom for the screw was broken. After trying different fixes, and having to reattach after closing the door, i figured i would try some adhesive. I had a tube of roofing caulk laying around the garage, so i put a couple big globs at each point the mirror frame touches the inside of the housing. So far so good, we will see how long term a solution this is.
Look at the FAQ's. There are some solutions to your problem.
J.B.Weld is a pretty good solution as well. When mine broke I used it in conjunction with some #4 screws. The screws were basically the "rebar" for the epoxy. After it dried, I filed it into shape and reinstalled it. I has been holding for about a year now.
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